Grandview Hop August 26th

Join us this Saturday for the end of Summer fun at the Grandview Hop. Samples and discount coupons will be given away on a first come basis so look for the DinnerUp tent!

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Delivering Your Family Dinner Hour!

Time Spent with Family is Why You Work Hard to Put Food On the Table

DinnerUp  – It’s Time To Eat!

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    Order Online

    Each week select the days you want our sumptuous meals delivered to your door

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    Delivered for Your Convenience

    Served in re-usable dishes and delivered in thermal catering totes

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    Scoop the Food on to Your Plate

    Save the leftovers in the Fridge

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    Place the Pans Back in the Tote

    Text us when you’ve placed the tote on the porch

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    We Pick it Up!

    No mess, no fuss, no cooking, no cleaning, no plastic or waste, just time spent with your famliy

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