Early Adopters Program

Early adopters are a crucial element of any start-up enterprise, they represent a group of people who are willing to risk new adventures, take chances and try new things. They are at the leading edge of any new idea.

That’s You!

You’re here because you’ve tried DinnerUp and recognize the wonderful convenience and benefits of this amazing new service. As early adopters, you have the potential of sharing your experiences with others.

A Modest Proposal

We are looking to grow DinnerUp and are asking you to be the spark and we are willing to provide the gas! Here’s what we’d like you to do:

  • If you submit a friend or neighbor who you know would appreciate DinnerUp as much as you do, we’ll send them a $30 Gift Certificate FREE!
  • Okay, now here’s the best part – doing so could earn YOU a $30 Gift Certificate FREE TOO!
  • “What’s the catch?”, you say.     Only this:
    1. You can’t submit someone who has already tried our service
    2. Their delivery address must be within our delivery service area to qualify
    3. They must redeem their gift certificate within 30 days of receiving it
    4. And to qualify for YOUR FREE Gift Certificate, the family you submitted must purchase an additional full priced delivered meal also within those 30 days. 
    5. One submission per family per 30 days.

( Please Note: The Early Apopters offer is limited to only those who have purchased a DinnerUp delivered meal before August 30, 2017. No other discounts or coupons apply)

Early Adopters Submission Form

Thank You!

We will contact you to confirm you submission.