Mise en Place

It’s one of the first lessons taught to new chefs in culinary school, and there’s a reason for it… Mise en place literally means “set in place,” and it refers to having all your ingredients prepped and ready to go before you start cooking. Onions are diced, spices are measured, broth has been portioned. At DinnerUp, the thinking goes beyond the kitchen.

Work Clean

In his book, Work Clean: The life-changing power of mise-en-place to organize your life, work, and mind, writer and chef Dan Charnas uses the concept of mise en place as a “philosophy” and “system” for what chefs believe and do, even going so far to call it an “ethical code.” In the kitchen, the phrase is used as a noun (i.e., the setup of the array of ingredients), a verb (i.e., the process of preparing) and a state of mind. All of these uses, however, refer to someone who knows to be well-prepared.

Our Kitchen

As we see it, Mise en Place can be applied to almost anywhere: the classroom, in hospitals, and especially around the family dinner table. For us, “A place for everyone and everyone in their place.”

In the DinnerUp kitchen, organization and process goes hand in hand with sustainability and source. We want to rely on the local community by developing partnerships and support. Foods sourced locally, excess capacity from other kitchens and restaurants, delivery services by contracted carriers and develop food prep training programs with outreach facilities. We also believe in being socially responsible by using sustainable resources and eliminating waste like the paper and plastic used by our competitors.